4-Day Cold Reading Intensive:

  • Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 3:30 pm (Pacific Time)
  • Wednesday & Thursday — choice of afternoon or evening session (Pacific Time)
  • Online via Zoom


Train in the Jentzen Technique

A direct technique with extensive individual coaching by an award-winning director, teacher and acting coach that includes professional advice for the working actor in the competitive film and television industry.  

Back by popular demand! Kimberly Jentzen’s Cold Reading Weekend Intensive is designed to bring Jentzen’s essential ACTING TOOLS to the actor’s skill set, strengthening and enhancing the actor’s ability to compete in an ever-changing, competitive industry. “Whether you are pursuing a film and TV career or want to be on Broadway… training with Kimberly Jentzen will get you results.”  Each class brings power and clarity to the actor’s preparation and process. Jentzen provides a solid foundation for the actor to build confidence and skill as an actor.

Kimberly will answer and discuss every question regarding the work, preparing each actor to pursue their goals in the field, empowered to achieve success.

Intensive Lessons and Exercises include:

  • Cold Reading and Audition Technique
  • Working the Imagination
  • Playing the Love
  • Identifying the Specifics and Images
  • Strengthening personalization
  • Empowering your Emotional Range
  • How to Make Strong and Original Choices
  • Character Analysis
  • How to really commit to the Objective
  • Strategies and Inner Actions
  • How to take authentic risks
  • Working with Improvisation
  • Captivate and sustain interest from your audience
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Film vs Theatre, Sit-Com, Period Drama, Classic Drama
  • Managing and Releasing Fear
  • The Anatomy of being a Professional Acting and the Business
  • Tips on Booking and much more!

All actors work consistently in class.
Class size limited.

Kimberly Jentzen coaches every actor.

“Thank you, Kimberly, for everything. I mean that… we’ve come so far and so long together, and it has meant everything to me. It has shaped my work so far and it will continue to shape it — I don’t know what I would do without it.”

– Aubrey Peeples 

(Nashville, Jem & the Holograms)


*Upon acceptance and completion of the Cold Reading Weekend Intensive, you are invited into an ongoing class that is the best match to achieve your acting goals.


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Kimberly Jentzen is a California native with degrees from UCLA and USM. Her films have garnered festival awards including Best Director, Best Short, Audience Favorite, as well as a screenwriting finalist award. An acclaimed acting coach in L.A., Kimberly has won Back Stage Reader’s Choice Awards and is the author of Acting with Impact and Life Emotions app. Her YouTube channel has over 75 videos: