Did you hear?

Did you hear?

An actor reached out to me recently and asked for "any exercises for listening we can do at home or anything if we dont have the money for class right now and need to stay sharp?" Here's my response: Yes, I do. Here is a an exercise -- many more can be found in my...

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Tuesday Night Classes at The Zephyr Theatre

Tuesday Night Classes at The Zephyr Theatre

LEVEL 3 - INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED TECHNIQUE AND SCENE STUDY, COLD READING on Tuesdays from 7–11 pm will now be held at the Zephyr Theatre, located at: 7456 Melrose Ave. Hollywood 90046 Click here for directions. Contact us for more...

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Anne Frank Meets God

Anne Frank Meets God

I'm so excited to share this film with the world - it's coming soon... Millions read her Diary... yet she never knew the impact her private thoughts would have on the world. With an exquisite performance by Aubrey Peeples (Nashville, Jem and the Holograms), the period...

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Tapping Into Your Creative Power

Tapping Into Your Creative Power

A large budget can enhance the quality of the filmmaker’s story, but the budget has nothing to do with the actor’s talent to deliver the performance. In acting, it’s not about the venue, it’s about the freedom within to access character and emotion. You can put an...

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Acting With Impact

For more information about Kimberly's book, "Acting with Impact," please visit her product page here.

Recent Student Bookings – Congratulations!

Stephanie Charles - "The Paynes"
Matthew Alan - "13 Reason's Why"
Aubrey Peeples - "Heartthrob"
Devon Graye - "Popper Baxton's Sickly Stew"
Karli Hall - "The Hollow Point"
Kimberly Stanphill - "Death Camp"
Mads Black - "Counterpart"
Aubrey Peeples - "Locating Silver Lake"
Blake Burt - "The Reliant"
Robert Livingston - "The Curse of the Gorgon"
Aubrey Peeples - "Cowboy Drifter"
Karli Hall - "They're Inside"
Brienne La Flair - "Masters of Sex"
Aziza Scott: "Murder in the First"
Erich Riegelmann - "Criminal Minds"
Sophie Sakson - "Stupid Kid"
Aubrey Peeples - "Recovery Road"
Matthew Alan - "Trust Fund"
Rachel Breitag - "The Sex Trip"
Kiana Madani - "Night Walk"

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