How to Be Brilliant!

How to Be Brilliant!

Casting Frontier features two videos where I elaborate on the Objective and the Obstacle, tools that will always richly empower your performance. I am so honored that Casting Frontier unexpectedly featured me this week in their blog and emailer - very grateful!...

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What Is Sexy?

What Is Sexy?

Gratitude is sexy! There is something special about this emotional quantity. It creates a positive energy field in our consciousness that is infinite. Gratitude puts you in a creative relaxed state of mind and body. It can easily slide you into the magical realm of...

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Facing the New Year with Intention

Facing the New Year with Intention

The power of this year begins with you. People will change, circumstances will shift, life brings many curves, but there is a source within that will always be consistent; your ability to create and your passion for your acting. You can decide that you don’t love it...

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Acting With Impact

For more information about Kimberly's book, "Acting with Impact," please visit her product page here.

Recent Student Bookings – Congratulations!

Rachel Breitag – “9-1-1”
Karli Hall – “Their Inside”
Erich Riegelmann – “Geo-Disaster”
Kiana Madani – “The Pirates of Somalia”
Aubrey Reynolds – “Waffle Street”
Devon Graye – “Popper Baxton’s Sickly Stew”
Ralph Lammie Jr. – “Induced Effect”
Maxine Bahns – “Web Cam Girls”
Matthew Alan – “13 Reasons Why”
Kaitlyn Dias – “American Crime”
Kaight Zoia – “Adam 8”
Chris Graham – “Legends & Lies”
Michael James Kelly – “The Past Lives Project”
Amy Tsang – “Shameless”
Stephanie Charles – “The Paynes”
Aziza Scott – “Like Blood”
Patty Mattson – “Care Brother’s Totally Sweet Adventures”
Sherrie Rose – “Sons of Anarchy”
Alejandro De Hoyos – “The Internationals”
Jensen Higley – “Boink”
Kelsey Fordham – “Tears in the Night”
Mads Black – “Counterpart”
Aubrey Peeples – “Heartthrob”
Kylie Brown – “The Book of Life”
Maray Ayres – “My Haunted House”
Nirav Bhakta – “Heir Jordan”
Kylie Brown – “Life is Strange – Before the Storm”
Devon Graye – “Popper Baxton’s Sickly Stew”
Karli Hall – “The Hollow Point”
Kimberly Stanphill – “Death Camp”
Aubrey Peeples – “Locating Silver Lake”
Blake Burt – “The Reliant”
Robert Livingston – “The Curse of the Gorgon”
Aubrey Peeples – “Cowboy Drifter”
Brienne La Flair – “Masters of Sex”
Aziza Scott: “Murder in the First”
Erich Riegelmann – “Criminal Minds”
Sophie Sakson – “Stupid Kid”
Aubrey Peeples – “Recovery Road”
Matthew Alan – “Trust Fund”
Rachel Breitag – “The Sex Trip”
Kiana Madani – “Night Walk”

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