Joy Tanner

“You’re process is so heart based… There is a nurturing and an an ability that you have to give permission to your students to really acknowledge and appreciate their own uniqueness and what they bring to the table. And to allow that to thrive and blossom. And of course the direction and the strategy and the tools, but I think that’s what sets you apart in that you loves actors, and you love what you do, and there’s this warmth that you engage your students with that enables them to take chances and risks that they would not normally allow themselves to do…. Something you always brought in is this element of play. I cherish what you brought to my toolbox.”

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Joy Tanner

Matthew Allan

“Kimberly understands each individual actor.  She is solid in discovering each of us, so that our work is tailored in our own personal direction. Some teachers teach a general ‘way of acting’ – Kimberly absorbs what will propel each of us to that next level.  And then she helps us zero in on those issues and conquer them.  She also has a knack for developing characters from the ground up.  That way, we’re not just delivering some solid lines, but delving into how that character thinks and feels as a person…as a single entity.  Also, the class exercises really helped me to shed some of my insecurities and just commit to what I’m thinking and feeling.  As an actor, you’ve got to radiate what the character feels and believes.  Kimberly teaches this.”

– Matthew Alan

Devon Graye

“The first thing that struck me about Kimberly is her incredibly open and approachable personality. She eliminates fear. Within her classroom she creates an atmosphere of collaboration and free-spirited energy. It is an environment of judgment-free discovery. Kimberly provides actors with personally handcrafted Power Tools designed to mold the character and sculpt the scene. I worked with Kimberly before shooting a feature and she really helped me discover my character.”

– Devon Graye

Emily Gateley

“Since I started training with Kimberly I’ve had incredible growth. Specifically, my confidence as an actor, and in my art. Every lesson brings forth a new part of myself that sometimes I didn’t know existed. Kimberly really knows how to connect with their students, and push them towards breakthroughs. Watching her teach is fascinating. Her studio is always both a positive, and nurturing environment for discoveries.

The essence course is an indescribable experience. Prior to this intensive, I have been consistently taking scene study classes with Kimberly for two and a half years. The essence course took every tool that I have learned during this time, and gave it a whole new light. The discoveries I had were countless. The essence course allowed me to expose some of the deepest parts of myself to others, but most importantly myself. The emotions, and sensations I achieved were unlike anything I had ever felt before. This course inspired me. Lit a fire within me. I feel like I have gained an entirely new perspective on my life, myself and most of all my art.”

Emily Gateley

Maxine Bahns

“In the Essence course, being able to really harness my emotions and let them go and feel them in my entire body and not just in my head, that’s really something I learned in the Essence Course which is just amazing. Now I’m so emotionally available and I think that’s from working with you. And also being able to control it so it just doesn’t go— because you still have to do the scene, right? So if you’re extremely in pain and suffering and your feeling this character you still have to be able to do your dialogue, focus on your scene partner, I feel like you taught me how to do all that, which is everything.”

“Kimberly Jentzen gives feedback in a way that’s uplifting and gentle – I love the way she made us all better by being positive. I was fortunate to be in her Master Class and everyone was rockin’.”

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Maxine Bahns

Aubrey Peeples

“Every time I work with Kimberly, it is literally as if I have another pair of eyes, that I didn’t know I had, that are being opened for the first time. Those other eyes are Kimberly, opening up an entire new universe from which to draw. She tends to her actors like a gardener, nurturing, yet pushing us up out of the ground and giving us the sustenance to stand tall on our own stalks and face the sun. I can honestly say that without Kimberly, I would not only not be the same actor, but I wouldn’t be the same person. People are tricky; we aren’t perfect shapes but jagged like puzzle pieces. Amazingly, Kimberly knows just how all those pieces fit together.

The week after I met Kimberly and began working with her I booked a role. There is something about her that is like a doorway; she has allowed me to become even more connected to the universe around us. Working with her is discovering the magic in the environment all around us; that magic that lies in each mundane, everyday situation. It is this magic that fuels actors. I worked with her on bringing that magic into “Tokarev” before my chemistry read for the role of Caitlin. Every time I’ve done a scene with Kimberly, no matter how many times I’ve done it or felt I “got it right,” I’ve discovered something new. She has made me realize the time and space of a role is infinite, and that is the very thing that makes us all human.”

– Aubrey Peeples

Mike Vaughn

“Kimberly is like this secret weapon in the never-ending quest to book gigs. She combines this amazing plethora of tools and techniques with such openness and honesty; all of which have taken my callback and booking ratio way up. Like quadrupled it! I should probably have t-shirts made that read, ‘skip the voice-over classes, and discover what really books.’ But then I’d be giving away my secret, huh?”

Mike Vaughn

David Tom

“Kimberly has been the spark that has re-lit the passion in my work. In this town, where it is so easy to fall into the mundane pattern of disappointment and frustration Kimberly has been a light of renewal and inspiration. It’s not everyday you meet someone who has such a passion for the art of acting and uses that passion along with her experiences, her knowledge, her love, but most importantly her heart in her teaching with every actor she works with; who is willing to openly share that passion with trust and honesty to strengthen and improve your own craft. I only wish I had met her five years ago… But I’m so excited to know her and to be working with her now. I look forward to class every week and I will continue to look forward to working with her in the future. “

David Tom

Mieko Hillman

“Working with Kimberly has made me fall in love with acting again. She is so passionate, caring, energetic, fun and inspiring. She loves the art and actors. I always come away from class/coaching inspired, invigorated, learning something new and more confident. She is beyond knowledgeable about emotions and knows how to bring it out in actors. She has so many tools to help actors, she doesn’t hold back and gives all of herself when working with actors. She is very intuitive and really knows how to get actors to go deeper in their work. She is also supportive and propels her students to work in the field and motivates her students to create their own opportunities. I am thrilled and honored to be working with her. Thank you Kimberly for helping me find the love!”

Mieko Hillman

Doug Hutchison

“Kimberly, your passion is contagious… Thank you for reminding me of the magic within…”

– Doug Hutchison


Kayla Mae Maloney

“Immediately after I started working with Kimberly, I utilized one of her techniques in an audition – and booked it! Kimberly offers an environment where you are free to fly. Always emphasizing exploration, risk taking, and of course, fun, Kimberly allows the actor to shine. Her love for acting and actors oozes out of her every pore!”

Kayla Mae Maloney

Melanie Merkosky

“Kimberly is the kind of teacher who inspires her students to become not only better actors, but better human beings as well.  She creates greatness in her classes because she accepts nothing less.  Since I began studying with Kimberly I have grown so much in my work!  I have used her techniques in the audition room and on set, and have had great success. She has taught me to let go of fear and to really own the characters that I am creating.  And… she’s pretty cool too.”

– Melanie Merkosky

Paul Yoo

“Kimberly’s gifts as a teacher come not only from the content of her teachings or the caliber of artists she works with, but from her ability to access the kind of energy and wisdom that comes from caring about a thing – for a long time with great love. I have felt a dramatic shift in my work while working with her. I get chills just thinking about the ways I and others have no doubt grown. I am honored to play in this space.”

Paul Yoo

Heather Roop

“I’m so thankful to have studied with Kimberly. After taking her weekend Intensive, I knew I wanted to continue working with her. Kimberly honors the sacred journey of an artist and creates a joyous environment, which lends to truthful work. The work in class can’t help but spill over empowering all areas of your life. In a business that can be challenging at times her work transforms your mindset for success. I wish I found her right when I moved to Hollywood; she is one of the best teachers out there!”

Heather Roop

Sherrie Rose

“I thank Kimberly for helping me to get to deeper levels in my life and, in turn, my acting.”

Sherrie Rose

“Kimberly has a unique way of enabling and empowering her actors to bring a heightened sense of understanding and thus reality into every scene we create. Her approach seems to resonate with virtually every acting method – it’s quite incredible to witness and experience! She is a true gift to the craft of Acting.”

– Charleene Closshey


Brienne La Flair

“When I began studying with Kimberly I had no sense of an acting technique and zero confidence in myself as an artist. I was just sort of winging it. My first introduction to Kimberly and the Jentzen Technique was at her Cold Reading Weekend Intensive. After doing the intensive along with reading her book Acting With Impact I finally felt I had a technique that I could easily understand, connect with, and apply to whatever role or script I was working on. As I began to master and apply the Power Tools in her book I began to grow as an actor at a tremendous rate. My emotional range broadened, I found depth I never knew I had, I took risks, I fell in love with the work, and the greatest gift was I found confidence and trust in myself as an artist. As a coach Kimberly nurtures her students but she won’t sugarcoat. If something needs to be improved and worked on she will give you direct feedback and help you get where you need to be and I love that about her. She is honest and the point and knows how to help actors soar to great heights in their work. Studying with Kimberly has led me to book many lead roles in TV and film including: the recurring role of Emily on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, Vietnam nurse Rebecca Phillips in the film The Road Home, Margot, Anne Frank’s sister in the film Anne Frank Meets God and many more! If you are for looking for an acting coach that’s really going to get you to connect to the work and achieve the acting goals you want then look no further! Kimberly Jentzen will guide you there.”

– Brienne La Flair

Rachel Breitag

“I came to Kimberly’s class and made breakthroughs immediately. I’ve learned more in two months with her then two years with other schools and coaches. I have never met anyone so in tune with human behaviors and emotions. She has this uncanny ability to dig so deep into a character that you fall in love. She approaches the art with truth and vulnerability that brings forth the most riveting performances. What I love most about working with Kimberly is she gives us tools to get where we need to go. It’s not just remarks on your scene but she will breakdown how to get there and why. She will take time to make sure you get it, and does not quit until you do. It’s beautiful. I am so grateful to Kimberly for showing me all I was missing and never failing to push me. She takes me further than any other teacher or coach has before and I am forever grateful. She loves actors and it shows in her coaching. You have to take her class!!!”

– Rachel Breitag

“Within the first 3 months with Kimberly Jentzen coaching me, I could already see a vast improvement in my skill set. Working the 8 Inquiries, along with attending her Cry Night class are actually the very reason I booked a part in a SAG project called Good Boy.

Blake C. Burt


Kiana Madani

“There are no words to describe what Kimberly has done for me – not just for my acting, but for me as a person. Not only is Kim so passionate about what she does, but she cares deep from the heart about each and everyone of her actors. She wants to see them all succeed. Her tools, book, and intensives have moved mountains for me in my career. She pushes me to look inside myself and work extremely hard to understand the characters I play in class, and I cannot be more grateful for her. If only I had met her as soon as I moved to LA! I will never go on set or to an audition without her book, and her powerful tools are engraved into my mind. If you are looking for a coach to make you the best artist you can be, look no further than Kimberly Jentzen.”

– Kiana Madani

Mads Black

“Working with Kimberly Jentzen completely changed my approach to acting and inspired me to make impactful changes both professionally and personally. The “Jentzen Technique” is one of discovery and courage – not one of text books or false encouragement. This means that your hard work in (and between) classes will take you deep within yourself to find the elusive “truth” that your characters demand, and also to find the passion that will make you love the process of acting – not the result. In my case this passion and courage lived in a surprising place, but after working with me only for a short while, Kimberly was able to dig beneath the surface and help me find it. I have had so many breakthroughs working with Kimberly; from working on my physicality (which brought confidence, strength, presence), to fearlessly tapping into my emotions (which brought vulnerability), to finding where my characters truly live. Working with Kimberly’s own “Power Tools” (like Playing The Love and the Root Question) has time and time again helped me understand a character and make it my own – invest myself in it. Both in class and in the field.

In class or during individual sessions, Kimberly will give it to you straight. Her coaching is personal and honest, and her candid observations and adjustments instantly opens up the work and inspires you to be daring with your choices, find the essence of the character/relationships in the scene and to completely forget yourself, so you can get out of your own way and into the character. Her technique and coaching has helped me book roles I may have initially thought I was unfit for (like comedic roles I was afraid to take far enough or theatrical roles that would require me to show more emotion than I thought I could). I was sabotaging my process by “judging” the character or material – Kimberly helped me make the same characters and material personal and real. Example: When I was up for a major part in a Coen Brothers movie, although excited, I went into the material thinking I wasn’t right for the part because of my age. Working with Kimberly shifted my focus from the superficial character breakdown (age, looks, behavior) to really owning the character as I saw it, based on the words and the interactions in the scene. It was the best audition of my life and though it may have been one of the most important audition so far, I was the least nervous – because I wasn’t worried about anything but being truthful to the character.”

– Mads Black

David Landry

“Kimberly Jentzen has given me the tools to build a life and career as an artist.”

– David Landry

Michael Lesly Kimberly Jentzen

“When I was seeking an acting coach here in LA, I knew from the very first conversation I had with Kimberly that I was in for a life-changing experience.  It’s hard to say just one thing that I have taken from studying with her.  When it comes to acting, I have gained the understanding of what it takes to act from an honest place and truly embody a character.  I’ve learned how to set my ego aside and be vulnerable in ways that I was never able.  It has been a joy experiencing that acting is about the art and the work it takes in creating that art.  On a personal level, from Kimberly and the many guests she has brought to class, I have had the opportunity to develop my own soul which to me, is more important than anything.  It’s great to have a teacher that not only is passionate about the art of acting, but also in seeing people develop as human beings.”

– Michael Lesly

Edward Gusts

“Kimberly doesn’t just give you answers, she gives you tools. She points out what you miss and helps you figure it out.”

– Edward Gusts

Yolanda King

“With gentle but insistent, tough yet loving care, Kimberly Jentzen skillfully guides you to a more honest and authentic expression.”

– Yolanda King

Michelle DeLynn

“I am so grateful Kimberly is my coach. She has helped me find my depth and given me tools to master my art. Her classes raise the bar in the work and her immense passion for acting inspires me to work harder, commit more and take on this journey boldly!”

– Michelle Cuneo

Christopher Kubasik

“Kimberly’s class is a fabulous mix of practical knowledge and heartfelt wisdom that got me ready to get work.”

– Christopher Kubasik

Kimberly Stanphill

“Kimberly gave me the courage to find my own path to acting, and that’s when I started to book.”

– Kimberly Stanphill

Katie Rich

“No other acting coach will help you get results like Kimberly.”

– Katie Rich

Patricia Harty

“The definition of a good teacher = have you been taught? That’s Kimberly Jentzen.”

– Patricia Harty

Heather Howe

“Kimberly’s intuitive and insightful teaching will help you grow as an artist and an individual. The tools and techniques you learn, whether you are a seasoned actor or new to the profession, will give your work the depth, nuance, and specificity to walk in the casting office and book the job. The class work is imaginative, challenging, fun, and always supportive. I am grateful to Kimberly for her dedication, keen guidance, and the respect she shows her students. You will flourish and love this class! Thank you Kimberly!”

– Heather Kirkland Howe

Christina Fadale

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the training, knowledge and confidence I developed in Kimberly’s classes.”

– Cristina L. Fadale

Jorge Ordonez

“After I took the weekend intensive and enrolled in her class, I booked a co-starring role which made me eligible to join SAG, and also booked two commercials and an industrial video.  I thank God for bringing Kimberly into my career path. I truly feel blessed for what He has provided through her.”

– Jorge Ordonez

Jill Allen

“Where can you try, experiment, fall down and get back up again? Kimberly Jentzen can guide you through the appropriate journey you need to take. I took a rather long sabbatical and Kimberly was able to help me shake off the dust, get rid of the rust and focus on my viability as an acting commodity as I had been unable to do on my own. I now have the confidence and the ability to get out there on a daily basis and ply my craft.”

– Jill K. Allen

Sean Neff

“Since studying with Kimberly my callback and booking ratio has skyrocketed!”

– Sean Neff

Cristina Frias

“Kimberly is like a wizard in words and in action. She taps you with her wand and the magic happens!”

– Cristina Frias