Comedy Improvisation Course

Taught by Kimberly Jentzen & Serena Tarica

Develop comedic characters
Strengthen your improvisation skills
Discover your inner comedic genius!

In this special course, Serena will guide actors to develop unique comedic characters that live inside, waiting to be discovered. The actor learns how to relax, loosen up and take risks as they explore comedy improvisation.

This course will push you to stretch your instrument, support your ability to adapt to different tempo, voice, physical adjustments and strengthen your fearlessness while having fun in the process.

Learning how to step outside your comfort zone and commit to a full-out character is liberating. Everyone plays at their own level in this class as they build confidence, gaining freedom.

This course will guide you to create “outside the box” as actors do so successfully on Saturday Night Live, Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union, MAD TV, The Office, etc.

Actors will learn how to build fully fleshed-out characters that come to life in the work.

*A series of five classes to take your comedy to the next level!
*Class size limited to 14.

Contact us for the next start date.