Directing for the Screen

Michael Nankin and Kimberly JentzenCome work with LA’s premiere acting teacher, Kimberly Jentzen and director, Michael Nankin in a hands-on Master Class in Screen Directing for actors and directors.  A 12-week class aimed at teaching the practical and state-of- the-art tools necessary to be a sought-after director-for-hire in film and television.

  • Learn the strategies of prep.
  • Develop methods to attack a scene.
  • Gain tools to communicate with your team.
  • Discover how to predict what the audience needs to see.
  • Know where to put the camera, every take.
  • Get a winning performance from your actors.
  • Gain two polished scenes for your reel!

This course will examine industry professionalism, budgets, studios, producers and networks—and, ultimately, how to maintain business relationships while striving to make the film you envision.  We will explore the collaboration between actors and directors, so that each understands how the other works, thinks, and what is required for a successful production.  This is a class about telling stories in the real world!  Directors will shoot, edit and complete two scenes, (directing actors in the class.)  Workshop includes: Camera equipment, monitor, and a copy of Acting with Impact.

Michael Nankin is a director with credits spanning 30 years, including: Red Faction: Origins (pilot for Syfy), The Cape, Caprica, and Battlestar Galactica, as well as episodes of Eureka, FlashForward, Heroes, Lie To Me, The Dresden Files, Life Goes On, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Agency, CSI, Veritas, Invasion, among others.  His first job in Television was writer/director/showrunner of Life Goes On. Nankin is a recipient of the “Humanitas Prize” and the “Peabody Award”. He has taught acting and directing at The Art Institute and Actors’ Foundry in Vancouver, B.C.

Kimberly Jentzen is an acting teacher, director and creator of The Jentzen Technique. She is the author of “Acting with Impact: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance” with awards including: Back Stage “Best of Acting Coaches” and Readers’ Choice” (2006 – 2011). Recent directing credits include: Reign, with Academy Award-nominated D.P., Jack N. Green and Oscar-winning Sound Mixer, David MacMillan. Jentzen is the recipient of a Finalist Award from the New York Festivals and an Honorable Mention from the Film Council of Ohio for her film, Of Earth & Sky. Jentzen is a member of Alliance of Women Directors.

 “A great deal of credit goes to our director, Michael Nankin. He is one of the best directors of actors I’ve ever encountered, and conceives the episodes, not as an hour of television, but as a miniature feature film. He constantly pushes to get everything he can out of the drama.”
–David Weddle Writer/Supervising Producer, Battlestar Galactica

“I think Nankin’s direction was outstanding throughout, but the moment in which we see Kara Thrace, silhouetted in black against a dark blue sky, preparing to burn ‘her’ body—that sent a shiver down my spine. That was just such a beautifully operatic image, spot-on in tone and perfectly executed.”
–Maureen Ryan TV critic, Chicago Sun-Times

 “Kimberly has a wonderful quality of seeing deep inside an actor. As a producer on her film “Reign”, I was able to watch her directing talents first-hand as she guided her actors to places they never expected to go.”
— Will Wallace, Producer/Actor: The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life

“As a Casting Director for the past 16 years, I see actor’s every day, and I know how difficult it is to book a job.  Kimberly Jentzen’s book, “Acting with Impact”, will help you get the training and edge you need to be among the very best.”
— Amy Jo Berman, Casting Director

Class size limited to 10 directors and 15 actors.

Interview required. Acceptance by invitation or referral.