The power of this year begins with you.

People will change, circumstances will shift, life brings many curves, but there is a source within that will always be consistent; your ability to create and your passion for your acting.

You can decide that you don’t love it when you are hit with rejection or loss, but the truth is, without it, your life purpose will miss the play of creativity. Something will always beckon you; that life is love, and love is expressed through the expression of your soul.

Feeling in love and feeling alive come from and are sourced in creative expression. And yes, it is work, but it is sometimes much more worthy of your time than squandering precious hours on non-productive distractions. You know what your distractions are – I know what mine are – and they give us time to procrastinate instead of creating the extraordinary.

Finding your voice

Unbeknownst to us we seek inspiration every day. We are wired to believe we need a reason to be inspired. We seek other people, other opinions to grant us belief in our own capacity to create with meaning. That meaning must be built from within. And often no one will be there to support that journey, as we must walk it alone.

If you are lucky enough to find a pure soul that is willing to see you as the unique creative spirit that you are, you have found a wizard, an alchemist, and a treasure.

My mother passed last year, and 2017 will always remind me of that. She was an artist in her own right and special. Of course being human, she did come with her own flaws and eccentricities. She was gifted and she believed in me and she taught me how to believe in others.

Look for the lesson

You will be given signals, opportunities and messages from the universe that will lead you to lessons. Desire, frustration, failure, stagnation, ambition, all have many lessons presented to you that will have you face fear, and demand you to overcome any limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.  All achievements require growth and rising to unknowable circumstances. Standing in self-belief and inner strength allows you to grow… allows you to find your way.

Life is about connecting with others and evolving. The more willing we work for our usefulness, the easier life becomes. It does take focus, but it takes more that than just that. It does take commitment, but it takes more than just that. It does take work, but that is obvious and still more is needed.

It takes intention

So we must check in within, and remind our physical, mental and emotional instruments of our soul intention to make a difference in the world. And when we believe we can, and believe in our own capacity to make a difference, and we build on our growth, we have served the greatest gift we have been given, our art.

What is your intention for 2018?

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