Intermediate & Master Classes

Ongoing Scene Study — Technique — Audition Mastery

Online (Zoom) and In-person (Los Angeles)

Kimberly’s Scene Study-Technique-Cold Reading Classes have empowered actors to book series regular roles in TV, starring roles in feature films, and leading roles on Broadway.

The Master class is a high-energy inspiring program with the Jentzen Technique’s grounded master acting tools and technique, generating original and authentic characters.

Kimberly’s class prepares you to step onto the set or stage with skill and confidence. Work with professionals that awaken a focus and inspire you to raise your game.

Lessons Include:

  • Master Acting Technique Tools
  • Character Development
  • Scene Study and Monologues
  • Audition Advantage Techniques
  • Inspirational Lessons
  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Emotional Empowerment Tools
  • Making Strong Choices
  • Risk Taking
  • Improvisation
  • How to Take Direction
  • Script Analysis
  • Lessons in Genre
  • Removing the Barriers to Take Your Acting to the Next Level
Kimberly welcomes you to bring into class material that is relevant to your career. This means that you can get individual coaching on your auditions and bookings in ongoing class.

Kimberly’s classes are high-energy, intense, and fun!
Class Structure: Each class includes a warm-up and practical technique explored through improvisation. Kimberly coaches each actor working scenes, monologues and cold readings. Every actor works in every class.

Kimberly offers a home for each actor to be on their game and thrive!  Each actor is given personalized coaching, assignments, and scripts unique to their individual talent.

Class members gain a family of working professionals taking positive actions in their training and career. Lessons guide actors in fleshing out characters, acting fearlessly, and the discovery of the actor’s authentic self.

Kimberly’s Master Class is a catalyst for the actor
who aims to play at the top of their game.

“Acting virtually has given me the ability to form a deeper connection in scenes with my fellow actors and Kimberly fosters a beautiful environment to strengthen those connections. I recently was lucky enough to book my first quarantine film and I was amazed to find how in tune I was with myself and my scene partners. The Zoom lessons that Kimberly has taught have given me the tools and confidence to be a better actor in person. Now is definitely the time to be bettering yourself and Kimberly’s classes will most definitely give you a running head start!” Madison Spear

Class size limited.
All actors work every class.

*Class offers Industry guest events:
Hollywood agents, managers, casting directors, directors, and producers

Kimberly Jentzen is a California native with degrees from UCLA and USM. A coach/teacher and director in Los Angeles for over 30 years, her films have garnered festival awards including Best Director, Best Short, Audience Favorite, as well as a screenwriting finalist award. An acclaimed acting coach in L.A., Kimberly has won Back Stage Reader’s Choice Awards and is the author of Acting with Impact and Life Emotions app. Her YouTube channel has over 75 videos:

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