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Taught by Kimberly Jentzen & Serena Tarica

Designed for young actors seeking to develop their professional skills and talent.

Do you ever envision yourself acting on your favorite TV show? Or on stage in a musical? Or in an Oscar Award winning film?

Start now by mastering the training that every young actor needs to become a success working actor on a series, in film or on stage.

This workshop includes acting technique, script analysis, cold reading, improvisation, scene work, monologues and everything necessary for a successful career.

Learn the essential Power Tools from the book ACTING WITH IMPACT to audition with confidence to book roles!

Make an impression and build momentum in your career.

  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Emotional Range
  • Improvisation
  • On-Camera Audition Technique
  • Engaging creativity: senses and images
  • Character Development
  • Monologue / Scene Study
  • Cold Reading scripts
  • Audition/Callback/Casting
  • On-Set Training for Actors
  • Performance technique for TV & Film
  • Hollywood Entertainment Industry Tips

“Become a master at your craft. Don’t buy into any distractions. This is the moment. This is the time. Commit now.” 
– Kimberly Jentzen


“Highly recommended. If you want the truth in your work and someone to push you to have your breakthroughs, yet still support and nurture you as a creative person…this is the place to be. Classrooms are filled with other supportive actors as well, creating a safe environment to take risks and do scenes/character work beyond your comfort zone. Many working actors have trained with Kimberly, giving great first hand insight of where the work can take you.”

– Nirav Bhakta

“Kimberly Jentzen is the type of acting coach that sees you not as the artist you currently are, but as the artist you can be. Whether an actor has been with her for two months or two years she is constantly uncovering new information about them and in turn pushing them to the next level. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear in order to grow.
Throughout my time with her I went from being a surface level actor to one who deeply understands and experiences the emotions and lives of my characters. Thanks to the Jentzen Technique I was able to break down barriers to my acting I didn’t even know existed. I am far more confident in my craft and bold in my choices. Kimberly’s Power Tools and Essence class completely changed the way I approach my work; I can’t imagine tackling a project without them. As an added bonus these tools are incredibly helpful to me as a writer. I constantly refer to them when developing my characters.”

– Kelsey Fordham

“It is by far the best class I’ve taken. The two day intensive course well it’s intensive. We go so into depth about different techniques and ourselfs along with understand the character and work. Kim will figure out where you really are in the art and will improve you!!! and so much more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants an actual change on their acting skills! Be ready tho she will tell you exactly how it is, if your not staying true to the script and character, is only to make you better! So don’t take things personal if you attend! So show up, listen, redirect yourself, learn and enjoy the journey. Acting with Love!”

– Moses Neri

“To begin, Kimberly’s technique is beyond compare. I’ve seen amazing changes and progression in people every week, and have noticed it in myself. Not only do I feel more prepared to take on a character, I am also more confident walking in to auditions and on set. Kimberly is more than just an instructor though. She helps us understand the industry, our inner artist, and is a wonderful resource for advice! I feel lucky to have found her class!”

– Nicole Murray

“Kimberly is an amazing teacher and human being. I’ve studied with her for over a year now and I’ve grown quite a bit as an actor, but even more as a person. She has an uncanny ability to recognize where an actor is in their training; what they’re good at and where they need to grow. She then caters to your strengths and weaknesses equally in order to keep you confident while simultaneously growing. The classroom environment she creates is a very healthy and supportive one as well with little to no ego getting in the way of the work. It’s near impossible not to grow and get better in her classes. She’s hilarious too. Highly recommend.”

– Michael Palmer

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Students must pay one week prior to the beginning of each month. If payment is late or a student decides to skip a month, the price reverts back to $300. There are no refunds for classes paid for and unattended.

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