The Essence Course

25 years as one of LA’s top acting coaches developing and training actors, Kimberly Jentzen masterfully directs actors in strengthening their presence, energy, fearlessness and creative courage.


For Actors, Writers, Directors and Creators

Based on material from Kimberly’s upcoming book: ACTING WITH INSTINCT, the Essence Course is designed to effect breakthroughs in the work. It lays out 16 archetypes which will become a practical framework for script analysis and making strong choices. Then mastery comes from working the archetypes in scene work, monologues and auditions. The Essence pushes each participant past fear and into an experience of depth and discovery.

Tap into Deep-Level Emotion Exercises in trust, perception, depth, self-expression and the ability to access emotion for the purpose of uncovering and/or rediscovering lost parts of yourself; these are some of the epiphanies from past Intensives.

Heighten Attributes Participants have shared wonderful discoveries and a multitude of rich qualities after Essence Courses including: heightened magnetism, strength, mystery, depth, humor, confidence, sensuality, sex appeal, and a new commitment to being an artist.

Jentzen’s Expressions of Life and the 16 Core Journeys: A practical and revolutionary framework for character development for actors and writers.

The Essence Course will change your art and your life as you push your limits, overcome barriers, release your fears and discover your talent.

  • $325 per month
  • Deposit to reserve your place: $125

What Graduates of the Essence Intensive have to say:

“Kimberly gave me the courage to find my own path to acting, and that’s when I started to book.” - Kimberly Stanphill

“Kimberly absorbs what will propel each of us to that next level. And then she helps us zero in on those issues and conquer them. She also has a knack for developing characters from the ground up.” - Matthew Alan

“Breakthroughs and higher levels in life are hard to obtain. I want to thank Kimberly for helping me to get to deeper levels in my life and, in turn, my acting.” - Sherrie Rose

“The Essence Intensive was very powerful. I learned that what’s inside me is good enough. Thank you for helping to coax it out.” - Sheryl Bernstein

“Kimberly Jentzen has given me the tools to build a life and career as an artist.” - David Landry

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Deposit $125, Registration – one month $325

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