Auditions – Women – Drama

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“Dropping the Baby” Sides – Trish/Mary

Divergent – Tori Sides

Cassie Sides

Babe Sides

Allie Sides

Abby Sides

The Danish Girl “I Don’t Know What to Say” – Gerda/Einar

The Danish Girl – Gerda/Einar

Love & Other Drugs – Maggie/Jamie

NYPD Blue – Katie/Theo

“Hospitals are Bad” – Ben/7 Year Old Leia

Dads Ashes – Mary/Jenny

Grey’s Anatomy – Addison (Solo)

Grey’s Anatomy – Robbins (Solo)

Girl, Interrupted – John/Susanna


The Misfits – Roslyn (solo)

Suits – Sarah/Mike

Columbo – Columbo/Sam

Phyllis/Carolyn Sides


Boston Public – Lauren/Dana

Westworld – Arnold/Dolores

Joy – Joy/Neil

Jerry Maguire – Dorothy/Jerry

Gone Girl – Nick/Amy

Broadchurch – Kate/Beth

Big Little Lies – Celeste/Madeline



Erin Brockovich – Erin/Dr. Jaffe

The Notebook – Martha

ER – Landlady

Bodies of Evidence – Nora

Handmaids Tale – Aunt Lydia

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