Auditions – Men – Comedy

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Dave Sides

Survivor’s Remorse – Uncle Julius/Flight Attendant

I Need Rattan – Hal (solo)

Home Fried Potatoes – Sal (solo)


What’s What – Studio Boss/David Silver

Suits – Sarah/Mike

Into the Wild – Wayne/Chris

Husbands and Wives – Gabe (solo audition piece)

Greek – Lana/Cappie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Frank/Joel

An Hour Late – Tomathan/Debby

The Office – Michael/Sadiq

How I Met Your Mother – Marshall/Ted

The Deena Davis Show – Max/Teddie Sides

Fraiser – Jack Sides

Dreamland- Ashwin/Latha

Foreign Affairs – Alex/Nikki(Russian)

Arrested Development – RevRob


Winklers – Jonah

Sports Night – Casey

Modern Family – Jason/Alex

True Romance – Clarence/Lucy

Love Fear and Rabbits – Bob/Wanda

Nick – solo