Older Man Scenes

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CSI Miami – Rob Cameron

Cold Case – Frank Sides

Boston Public (Solo) – Banks

Husbands and Wives – Gabe (solo audition piece)

Greek – Lana/Cappie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Frank/Joel


Castle – Castle/Beckett

A Day in the Life – Alice/Steve

House – House/Luke

Homeland – Estes/Saul

Breaking In – Oz/Cameron

24 – Rayburn/Palmer

How I Met Your Mother – Marshall/Ted

Mick/Waitress Sides

Kramer vs Kramer – Bob/Carol

Bonnie & Clyde

Arrested Development – RevRob

Westworld – Ford/Dolores

Cold Case – Frank/Antonia

Dr.Flaster-Hal MW

Being John Malkovich

Game of Thrones-Queen-Father

Into the Wild