Woman – Woman – Drama Scenes

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“Dropping the Baby” Sides – Trish/Mary

Dads Ashes – Mary/Jenny

Nashville – Juliette/Avery

Grey’s Anatomy – Addison (Solo)

Grey’s Anatomy “One Hell of an Apology” – Addison/Julie

Grey’s Anatomy – Julie/Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy – Robbins (Solo)

Grey’s Anatomy – Julie/Addison

Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith/Callie

Pride & Prejudice – Lady Catherine/Elizabeth

Pancakes – Jackie/Beth

Lipstick – Alice/Pepper

Leaving Normal “Abandoned Baby” – Mary Anne/Darly

Jack and Bobby – Reverend Reinhart/Grace

Finite Pain – Jackie/Zoey

Case Closed – Christine/Kara

Buffy – Buffy/Willow

The Misfits – Roslyn (solo)


Phyllis/Carolyn Sides

Flirting with Madness – Kaley/Avery

Boston Public – Lauren/Dana

Blue is the Warmest Color

Broadchurch – Kate/Beth

Big Little Lies – Celeste/Madeline

Boys Don’t Cry


House of Cards – Jeannine/Zoe

Masters of Sex-Virginia&Lillian

The Newsroom – Sloan/Mackenzie

The Affair – Nina/Helen

Erin Brockovich – Erin/Pamela

20th Century Women – Abbie/Dorothea

The Closer – Brenda/Nadia-foreign

Necessary Roughness – Dani/Faye

Medium – Marjorie/Allison

Medium – Cynthia/Allison

The Hours – “Feed the dog”


Leaving Normal – Same Place

Big Little Lies – Celeste/Perry/Therapist

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