Level III – Intermediate/Advanced

This class requires each actor to be rigorous in their commitment and consistent in their approach. In the parlance of Jentzen’s students, Level II is a “kick-ass class.” It’s high energy, intense and fun! Some lessons guide actors toward effectively fleshing out a character. Others build confidence, encouraging the actor’s authentic self to emerge in the work. Each actor is given personalized coaching, assignments and scripts unique to their individual needs.

Actors work on cold reading, scenes, monologues, and improvisation skills to develop range, flexibility and adaptability. Jentzen’s “power tools” are taught to support emotional depth, imagination and “book-ability.”

Actors are coached in intimacy, depth, emotional range, essence, image, inner shadow, script interpretation, delivery, taking direction, auditioning, blocking, prop work, hitting marks and preparing for the set. The challenges of the profession are also addressed as is the building of a unique and confident image.

Many students in Level II have booked roles and are very aware of their artistic goals, strengths and weaknesses. Actors that graduate from Level I and move into this class are ready to book roles, can take direction fluently and adapt to the demands of a professional environment.

Tuesdays: 7 – 11 PM
Class size limited
All actors work every class
On-camera work available
Audition/Interview required
Class location is the Hart Street Studio