Master Level – Mastering The Art

Dedicated to actors who have extensive professional background and training and are specifically committed to the study of “mastery.” Jentzen is honored to coach and teach this inspiring on-going class. “Mastering The Art” has an eclectic attendance, filled with celebrated professionals, veteran performers and up and coming promising talent.

Jentzen supports each actor with specific lessons to enhance development of a master actor. Students come to work out audition material, develop professional material and keep themselves polished and confident with challenging exercises. Actors have the opportunity to focus on prepared scenes, monologues, cold readings and/or improvisation. Class focuses extensively on audition technique as well as sessions to support the stretches needed to maintain flexibility, adaptability and inspiration. An added unique opportunity for actors in this class is the development of material for film scripts, plays and one-person shows.

This class is a catalyst for the actor who aims to play at the top of their game. Each actor consults with Kimberly who gears them toward their artistic and professional goals.

Wednesdays: 7-11 PM
Class size limited
All actors work every class
On-camera work available
Invitation Only
Call for schedule