Matthew Allen
Matthew AlanTV series: “Cold Case,””the 11th hour,” “Lost” (2 episodes), “Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side”

Feature “Project Fear”

Joy Tanner Kimberly Jentzen
Joy TannerTV series “Life with Derek” role of Nora Macdonald

“Life with Derek” movie of the week

Devon Graye Kimberly Jentzen Devon GrayeFeature “Call of the Wild”
Indie thriller “Lure”

Lifetime movie “Wisegal”

TV series “Dexter”

Melanie Merkosky Kimberly Jentzen Melanie Merkoskyfestival short “Shay & Stay From Planet Sun”

Features “Away from Her,” “The Poet”

TV Series “Runaway,” #1 Webisode “Lonelygirl15”

Bill Lee Brown Kimberly Jentzen Bill Lee BrownNAACP Award – Best Ensemble for
August Wilson’s “Jitney”

TV series “Without a Trace,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Judging Amy,” etc.

Kayla Mae Maloney Kimberly Jentzen Kayla Mae MaloneyTV series “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service,” “Cold Case,” “Heartland,” “Crossing Jordan,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,”
“Criminal Minds”
Doug Hutchison Kimberly Jentzen Doug HutchisonFeatures “The Salton Sea,” “The Green Mile”

TV series “Lost,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “The X Files,” etc.

Elizabeth Sung Kimberly Jentzen Elizabeth SungFeature “The People I’ve Slept With””House Under Siege”

“Memoirs of a Geisha”

Eddie Goines Kimberly Jentzen Eddie GoinesFeature “Marco Polo”

“Big Bag of $”

“My Name is Earl”

Tava Smiley Kimberly Jentzen Tava SmileyFeatures “Pearblossom,”
“The Human Contract”
“Good Luck Chuck”

Short “Life Happens”

Shane Woodson Kimberly Jentzen Shane WoodsonFeatures “Road of No Return,” “Tsunami Beach Club,” “Resident Evil: Extinction”

TV series “Heroes”

Marnee McClellan Kimberly Jentzen Marnee McClellanFeature “Second Coming”

Feature “Mysterious”

TV series “Greek”

Carlos Carrasco Carlos CarrascoFeature “The Virgin of Juarez,”
“Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,”
“One Man’s Hero,” “Speed”
Candice Afia Kimberly Jentzen Candice AfiaMini Series “26 Miles”
starring John Schneider”

TV series “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Shield”

Feature “Depravity”

Joanna Bool Kimberly Jentzen Joanna BoolTV series “Lost”

Feature “Knight to F4”

Tara Reid Kimberly Jentzen Tara ReidTV series “Scrubs”

Feature “American Pie”

Feature “The Big Lebowski”

Sherrie Rose Kimberly Jentzen Sherrie RoseTV series “Sons of Anarchy”

Feature “L.A. D.J.”

Feature “The Handler”

Anderson Goncalves kimberly jentzen Anderson GoncalvesTV Series “Brothers & Sisters,” “Dexter,” “The Unit,” “Alias”
David Landry Kimberly Jentzen David LandryTV series “Cold Case”

Feature “Hollywood Douche Bags”

Feature “Idiot Box”

Katie Rich kimberly jentzen Katie RichFeatures “Immortally Yours,” “Red Dragon”

TV series “Strong Medicine,” “NYPD Blue,” “Robbery Homicide Division,” “The Division,” etc.

Meredith Zealy kimberly jentzen Meredith ZealyFeature “Rounds”

Feature “Gamers”

Feature “The Notebook”

sean neff kimberly jentzen  Sean NeffFeature “Ocean Front Property”

“Untold Stories of the E.R.”

TV Series: “Cold Case”

Edward Gusts Kimberly Jentzen Edward GustsTV Series “Heroes,” “CSI”

Feature “Spike” at The Edinburgh international Film Festival

Feature “The Blackout”

Jared Day Kimberly Jentzen Jared Daydaytime drama: “The Young and the Restless”
TV series “The Rookie: CTU,” “Flicka (Not the Horse),” “E-Ring”

Feature “Brothers in Arms”

patricia harty kimberly jentzen  Patricia HartyTV series “The District,” “Facing the Enemy,” “NYPD Blue, “Charmed,” “Seaquest DSV,” “Quantum Leap,” “Wiseguy,” etc. Kimberly Stanphill Kimberly Jentzen Kimberly StanphillTV series “Strong Medicine,” “Veronica Mars”

daytime drama “The Young and the Restless”

Cristina L. Fadale Kimberly Jentzen Christina L. Fadale“Rent” role of Maureen on Broadway

Feature “Parting Words”

TV series “Half & Half”

Britt Hysen Kimberly Jentzen Britt Hysen“Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh”

Feature “Yes Man”

TV Series “Mad Men”

Danny Bolero Kimberly Jentzen Danny BoleroMusical “Dance with Me”

Feature “The Hitcher,”

Short drama “Destinesia”

TV series “The Mullets,” “Malcolm in the Middle”

Michelle Delynn Kimberly Jentzen Michelle DelynnTV series “The United States of Tara”

Feature “Flags of our Fathers,” “No Greater Love”

Caroline Morahan Kimberly Jentzen Caroline Morahan“A Kiss for Jed Wood”

“Fair City”

Shawn Dreben Kimberly Jentzen Shawn DrebenFeature “Love Hollywood Style”

Shorts “Shattered,” “Trenches,”
“Smashed Potatoes,” “Devil Woman”

Jill Saunders Kimberly Jentzen Jill SaundersFeature “Desert Wedding”

“In Her Shoes”


Heather Kirkland Howe Kimberly Jentzen Heather Kirkland HoweFeature “A Darker Reality”

Feature “Mala”

Shorts “Idiot Box,” “C=C”

Yolanda King Kimberly Jentzen Yolanda KingOne woman show “Achieving The Dream”

TV series “Strong Medicine,” “Liberty’s Kids: Est. 1776,” Any Day Now,” “JAG,” etc.
short film “Odessa”

Jonathon Lamer Kimberly Jentzen Jonathon LamerFeature “Tim and Eric: Awesome Show”

“Lovely By Surprise”

“Eli Parker is Getting Married”

Kristin Lindquist Kimberly Jentzen Kristen LindquistFeature “Unidentified”

Feature “Elizabethtown”

TV series “American Heiress,” “Vanished,” “Untold Stories of the ER”

Emanuel Loarca Kimberly Jentzen  Emanuel LoarcaIndi “Wild Dogs”

Feature “The Two Man”

“El Regreso de Lencho”

“2012 The Begging”

Khadijah Karriem Kimberly Jentzen Khadijah KarriemTV series “Lincoln Heights”

Feature “Diamond Zero”

TV series “NYPD Blue”

Paul Yoo Kimberly Jentzen Paul YooFeature “The Spy and the Sparrow”

TV series “Ghost Whisperer”

Short film “Two Julias”

Angela Harp Kimberly Jentzen Angela HarpTV series “The Nine”

Feature “Lost Angela”

#1 Webisode “Lonelygirl15”

Rob Goodman Kimberly Jentzen Rob Goodman“Verizon Commercial”  Directed by Spike Lee

TV series “Dexter”

Feature “Pose Down”

Rick Williamson Kimberly Jentzen Rick WilliamsonFeature “Broken Border” nominated for Best Actor at the HB Film Festival

TV series “CSI NY,” “General Hospital: Night Shift”

Summer Baltzer Kimberly Jentzen Summer BaltzerTV series “Unhinged”

Feature “Dog Days”

Steven Stone Kimberly Jentzen Steven StoneTV series “Life,” “Judging Amy,” “Archie Bunker’s Place”

Feature “Alvin & The Chipmunks II,” “Dodgeball”

“Coke Zero” (National Commercial)


Rachel Leah Cohen Kimberly Jentzen Mam SmithFeature “She’s Out of My League,” “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” “The Bedford Diaries,” “Angels in America,” “Marci X”

TV series “One Tree Hill,” “Monk,” “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: SVU”

Andrea Sevilla Kimberly Jentzen Andrea SevillaTV series “Lincoln Heights” ABC Family

“Don Rey” at The Blank Theater in Hollywood

Rachel Leah Cohen Kimberly Jentzen Rachel Leah CohenTV “Anatomy of Hope”

Feature “Grindin'”

TV series “Gilmore Girls”

Feature “True Love”

Mike Vaughn Kimberly Jentzen Mike Vaughn“Life, Love & Hollywood”

“Spiderman: Web of Shadows” and a mulititude of Voice Over work

Tanya Gorlow Kimberly Jentzen Tanya GorlowFeature “The Next Race: The Remote Viewings”

TV Series “California Heaven”

Kelly Ann Thiebaud Kimberly Jentzen Kelly ThiebaudTV Series “Chuck”

TV Series “Found”

Feature “Journey of Redemption”

Stacey Ann Shevlin Kimberly Jentzen Stacey Ann ShevlinFeature “Single White Vampire”

Feature “Accepting Days”

TV Series “Forensic Files”

Jorge Ordonez Kimberly Jentzen Jorge OrdonezTV Series “Weeds”

Feature “Diagnosis X”

TV series “Veronica Mars”

Andrew Fognani Drew FognaniFeature “Madoff: Made Off with America”


Morgan Hewitt Kimberly Jentzen Morgan HewittTV Series “CSI:NY”

TV Series “Melrose Place”

TV Series “Entourage”

Ben McGroarty Kimberly Jentzen Ben McGroartyFeature “Nick Adrian”

Theatre “Burn This”

Brantley Dunaway Kimberly Jentzen Brantley DunawayTV Series “America’s Most Wanted”

Soap “General Hospital”Producer “Love in the Time of Cholera”

Kali Chung Kimberly Jentzen Kali ChungFeature “Duel of Legends”

Commercial: Montecito Fine Arts College of Design , Learning Tree International Industrial

Denise George Kimberly Jentzen Denise GeorgeFeature “The Taqwacores”

Feature “Hackers”

TV series “Passions”

Joe Mahon Joe MahonFeature “Lost Angels”

Feature “Real Fear”

Feature “Fashion Victim”

Feature “Save It For Later”

Bryan Lovell Kimberly Jentzen Bryan LovellFeature “The Curse of Lizzie Borden 2: Prom Night”

TV series “LA Forensics”

Daniela Torchia Kimberly Jentzen Daniela TorchiaFeature “Soap on a Rope”

Short “Postcards Chashama”

Webseries “Headspace”

Charles Wing Kimberly Jentzen Charles Wing“Blood Money”

“A Step Toward Heaven”

“One Night with You”

Fawnda McMahan Kimberly Jentzen Fawnda McMahanMultitude of Commercials and Commercial Acting Coach
Amber Krzys Kimberly Jentzen Amber Krzys“Privileged”

“Dire Wolf”

“The Ex-List”

Kiri Stevens Kiri StevensFeature “Easy Street”

Feature “G in The Heart”

Untitled Frasier DVD Series

Check N Go Commercial

Annie Hendy Kimberly Jentzen Annie HendyThe Catholic Girl’s Guide to Losing Your Virginity

50 Dates in 50 States

Korken Alexander Kimberly Jentzen Korken Alexandershort film “The O.R.”

short film “Rabia”

Maray Ayres Kimberly Jentzen Maray Ayres“The Cellar”


“The Bench”

Missy Hairston Kimberly Jentzen Missy HairstonFeature “The Preening Swan”

Pilot for the WB

National Cigna Commerical, ESPN Web Spot

Gordon Capps Kimberly Jentzen Gordon Capps“My Magical World”


“Kindred: The Embraced”

christopher kubasik kimberly jentzen  Christopher KubasikTV series “E.R.,” “Stranger Adventures”

Feature “The Zone,” “Town & Country,” “The Eternal Pitch”

Sandi Craig Kimberly Jentzen Sandi CraigFeature “Yes Man”

Feature “The Last Score”

Feature “Deadly Suspicion”

Barbara Cole Kimberly Jentzen Barbara Cole“3 Ways to Sunday”

“His Brothers Keeper”

“The Greater Meaning of Water”

Justin Sandler Kimberly Jentzen Justin Sandler“House of Flesh Mannequins”

“Surfer Dude”

“The Greatest Story of All Time”

Darrin Reed  Kimberly Jentzen Darrin ReedDaytime Drama “General Hospital”

Honda Commercial

Collette Porteous Kimberly Jentzen Collette Porteous“All The Wrong Places”

“Cold Feet”

Janet Chu Kimberly Jentzen Janet ChuFeature “Unspoken”

Feature “The Kiss”

TV Series “Boston Public”

Lissette Schuster  Kimberly Jentzen Lissette Schuster“The Dungeon Masters”

Lowe’s (National Commercial)

02 Cell Phones (Commericial)

Jennifer Veal Kimberly Jentzen Jenny Veal“As the Bell Rings”
Jill Allen Kimberly Jentzen Jill K. Allen“The Diet Life”



Mary Kate Urbanski  Kimberly Jentzen Mary Kate UrbanskiFeature “Shot to Pieces”
Alex Querna Alex Querna“A Paradise oif Bachelors”

“Bereft Left: A Very Brief, Very American Tale”


Diego Acuna Kimberly Jentzen Diego AcunaFeature “La Hacienda”

Feature “Warrior”

Feature “Primitive Recall”

Sandija Zarina Kimberly Jentzen Sandija ZarinaFeature “The Naked City”
Rena Andrews Kimberly Jentzen Rena AndrewsFeature “La Hacienda”

Feature “Warrior”

Feature “Primitive Recall”

Cristina Frias Kimberly Jentzen Cristina FriasFeature “Cristina Clandestina”
John Kulegian Kimberly Jentzen John Kulegian“Amerasian 3”

“The Mondavi Gang”

Lenore Cutler Kimberly Jentzen Lenore CutlerTV “Orlando’s Bed and Breakfast ”
TV “In the Soup”
Feature “The Curse of Lizzie Borden”

Feature “Driving to Zigzigland”

Danielle Katz Kimberly Jentzen Danielle Katz“Gelosi” at the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble Samantha Mason Kimberly Jentzen Samantha MasonDramatic Short Directed by Kyle Ford
Peter Lewis Kimberly Jentzen Peter LewisShort “Who Shot Mamba”

“Keep On The Sunnyside” at The Barter Theatre in Virginia

Rachel McCormick Kimberly Jentzen Rachel McCormickShort “Hanger Rats”
Anthony Chaput Kimberly Jentzen Anthony ChaputFeature “Strawberry Cliff”