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Aubrey Peeples as Anne Frank in Anne Frank Meets God

One voice. One chance.

Millions read her Diary...
yet she never knew the impact her private thoughts would have on the world.

Anne Frank Meets God is a haunting film set in one of the darkest moments in human history. It explores the unanswered questions that arise in the face of tragedy and in the deaths of those who are far, far too young. It is a meditation on life, on death, and on purpose. The film imagines a final reckoning between Anne Frank (Aubrey Peeples) and God (Lorraine Toussaint). It is a reminder of the effect that just one person, even a young girl hidden away, can have on the world.


From the Director

Anne Frank's message is about seeing the world through the eyes of hope despite what life brings. My aim is to inspire each viewer to know that their voice in the world matters. That even though you might not know the impact you make, you do make an immeasurable difference and you have a choice: will you have faith in humanity in spite of life circumstances?

Can Anne Frank’s message leap into the soul of our consciousness, so that we live unafraid? Her journey becomes a metaphor for anyone that has ever felt alone, or known despair, or experienced hardship, to feel assurance that there is a light that walks with us at all times, and that we are always given a choice to live with hope.

- Kimberly Jentzen



From the Producers

According to Jewish mysticism, Tikkun Olam (heal the world) holds that we live within the reach of God’s essence. Anne Frank's encounter with God reminds us that there’s a light beyond that shines.

All three of AFMG’s producers’ fathers served in WWII, imparting a personalized experience of the war on their daughters. Peggy Lane’s father, Dennis “Bud” O’Rourke, served in the U.S. Army division that helped liberate the Concentration Camp at Dachau; Serena Tarica’s father, Dr. Samuel Tarica, was a Navy electrician; and Kimberly Jentzen’s father, Dr. Edward Spingeld, served as an aviation mechanic. Kimberly’s father grew up with poet, David Epstein (who served in the Army Air Corps during WWII) at the Jewish Home for Children in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Anne Frank Estate shared with Epstein, whose poem "A Conversation: Anne Frank Meets God" inspired the project, that they look forward to the film!

Serena Tarica, Peggy Lane, Kimberly Jentzen (Producers)
David Epstein (Poet)