“Kimberly has been the spark that has re-lit the passion in my work.”
– David Tom

Empower your acting

Award-winning Hollywood acting coach, Kimberly Jentzen, will take your acting to the next level!

Gain skills that deliver results. Learn how to deepen your work, make stronger choices and make the most of each industry opportunity. If you want more callbacks, chemistry reads and bookings, train with the Jentzen Technique. Whether you choose to train online or in-person, Kimberly will elevate your skill and deliver what you’ve been yearning for as an actor.
Actors from all over the world train with Kimberly Jentzen.

 Classes available for beginners to Master Level. (Click here)


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“She eliminates fear. Within her classroom she creates an atmosphere of collaboration and free-spirited energy. It is an environment of judgment-free discovery. I worked with Kimberly before shooting a feature and she really helped me discover my character.”

Devon Graye

ACTING with IMPACT: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance

Kimberly Jentzen, creator of THE JENTZEN TECHNIQUE, taps into the essence, motivations and needs of authentic characters and cultivates an edge in actors to find their artistic fuel. Her fresh approach dynamically infuses actors with the confidence to access their imagination and act with authentic expression. Jentzen created these nine Power Tools to help actors own a process that is efficient and gets results on the job. Each Power Tool is a finely-tuned, streamlined acting technique designed to tap into the truth and deliver inspired performances.

The Life Emotions App

Your Emotional Empowerment App

Life is lived through emotions.

As we go after our goals, emotion becomes the substance of our experiences.

Understand what moves you to tears, anger, joy and many, many more.

“Since I started training with Kimberly I’ve had incredible growth. Specifically, my confidence as an actor, and in my art. Every lesson brings forth a new part of myself that sometimes I didn’t know existed.”

Emily Gateley