I believe there are experiences in our lives that lift us up and open doors in our consciousness that bring insight, so that we realize there is something far deeper going on in life than meets the eye.

In my experience, there is a spiritual aspect that is unmistakably at play… that things happen for a reason and there is some kind of order in the world, evidenced by the fact that seeds turn into flowers, birds learn to fly, and the earth turns with an exact precision so that the moon can control the tides.

These mysteries are consistent in our world, and yet, we may never understand how or why. Yet, somehow, we are deeply connected to each other in the “game” of life. And that magical, mystical aspect of our soul’s journey is what I’m attempting to express in our film.

Anne Frank Meets God is a fantasy conversation to deliver hope to those whose hearts may be broken. It’s also for those hearts that still live in wonder. It offers solace and assurance of what may lie beyond this life. It reminds us that many who have suffered can still find empathy in their heart, and that we do not need to give up on each other… the time to start caring about each other is now, while we are alive.

My hope is that Anne Frank Meets God gives an experience that although life is finite, our spirit continues on, and that is part of the mystery… that is part of the wonder. That no matter the circumstance, we must choose to keep our heart open.

– Kimberly Jentzen

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When a diva with no “social filter” roasts patrons at her local coffee house, steam rises as she rekindles her love affair with caffeine.

DeeDee, a diva with no “social filter,” roasts patrons at the local coffee house. Steam rises as we discover DeeDee is having an affair with her therapist. Her father, also DeeDee’s boss, is sleeping with a younger woman, while her ex, the barista, favors a woman in red and the priest toys with temptations. Conversations brew, but none of them meet DeeDee’s high standards as she rekindles her love affair with caffeine.


During a U.S. military operation, designed to bait Iraqi insurgents, local civilians get caught in the crossfire and an American soldier’s life is forever changed by an encounter with an Iraqi woman.

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“I feel that all projects, whether they are stories about war or stories about coming of age, are in some way stories about love—not necessarily romantic love, but about the sacrifices made for love, expressed through emotion, action, words and behavior. For me, directing is both a craft and a passion.

As a director and writer, I’m interested in those indefinable acts of compassion; what makes us risk ourselves for another without reason. I’m also interested in what determines the compass of ones morality. I have discovered that it’s not the big things in life that change us as much as the small moments that happen during them. That’s what I’m hoping to communicate in this film.

Truth crosses over borders. I’ve found that wherever I go, there is a hunger and desire that is universal, its part of the human experience, and that life with its triumphs, upsets and dramas is always about overcoming.

I’m drawn to telling stories about the inexplicable part that lives within us that is willing to risk ourselves for a noble cause. I’ll never forget watching the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and saw on the news that there was no electricity, no water, or supplies for the Iraqi people. I saw the men in the street, I heard their voices, but not one woman’s voice did I hear—and I was listening for one. I kept wondering, what is happening to them… are they just causalities of war? Why don’t they have a voice?

I’ve written several other scripts about war and am always struck by the residual loss of things we don’t hear about—like, during certain skirmishes in the American Civil War when whole forests were burned to the ground, animals starved, ecosystems were destroyed.

The definition of reign is “supremacy” or “rule”… reign happens in war. Some army reigns over another. But there is a second meaning for reign, “period of influence.” In some way, Fadwa will reign inside Delano’s heart and mind; that the reign of our connection to each other is perhaps more powerful than any bullet or even death.

The question I ask in this film, is reign something that is in our nature? And is it the natural order of things? And finally, will we see that a woman’s tears over the loss of her mother, are the same as a woman’s tears over the loss of her husband who comes home damaged by the events of war. In some way we might discover that we are all fragile and easily broken by circumstances, and yet we continue to overcome.”

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