I’m so excited to share this film with the world – it’s coming soon…

Millions read her Diary…
yet she never knew the impact her private thoughts would have on the world.

With an exquisite performance by Aubrey Peeples (NashvilleJem and the Holograms), the period is captured with beautiful cinematography interlaced with archival footage donated by the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archives. Robin Eisenman gives an emotionally-rich performance as Anne’s mother, Edith Frank and Brienne La Flair is heartwarming as Margo Frank.

My goal is to create an inspirational short film that will allow the audience to go from her darkest moment to experience an encounter with God. Anne Frank’s message is about seeing the world through the eyes of hope despite what life brings.

This film’s aim is to inspire each viewer to know that their voice in the world matters. That even though you might not know the impact you make, you do make a immeasurable difference and you have a choice, will you have faith in humanity in spite of life circumstances?

Can Anne Frank’s message leap into the soul of our consciousness, so that we live unafraid?
Her journey becomes a metaphor for anyone that has ever felt alone, or known despair, or experienced hardship, to feel assurance that there is a light that walks with us at all times, and that we are always loved.

– Kimberly Jentzen (Director/Producer)