Essence Weekend Intensive

An intensive about moving through the fear that has been keeping you from fully playing in your acting. 

Online or in-person

This high-level intense course opens the door within — how to bring energy and insight to your acting skill.

You will learn how to break down the walls that interfere with your instincts. You’ll gain access to a newfound depth and build on a unique brand of your own confidence.

You will gain access to what is holding you back and discover a newfound edge that will set your acting free.

Class Structure: This 3-day (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), in-person Intensive includes a virtual private session prior to the intensive and a follow up “check-in” after the weekend with Kimberly Jentzen.

Tap into Deep-Level Emotion: Exercises in trust, perception, self-expression, and the ability to access emotion for the purpose of uncovering and/or rediscovering lost parts of yourself; these are some of the epiphanies from past Intensives.

Heighten Attributes: Participants share wonderful discoveries and a multitude of rich qualities after The Essence Intensive, including heightened magnetism, charisma, strength, mystery, depth, humor, confidence, sensuality, sex appeal, and a new commitment to being an artist.

“Breakthroughs and higher levels in life are hard to obtain. I want to thank Kimberly for helping me to get to deeper levels in my life and, in turn, my acting.” Sherrie Rose

“The Essence Intensive was very powerful. I learned that what’s inside me is good enough. Thank you for helping to coax it out.” Sheryl Bernstein

“Kimberly Jentzen has given me the tools to build a life and career as an artist.” David Landry

DATE: 2nd Weekend in December

ACCEPTANCE is by interview.

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Kimberly Jentzen is a California native with degrees from UCLA and USM. Her films have garnered festival awards including Best Director, Best Short, Audience Favorite, as well as a screenwriting finalist award. An acclaimed acting coach in L.A., Kimberly has won Back Stage Reader’s Choice Awards and is the author of Acting with Impact and Life Emotions app. Her YouTube channel has over 75 videos: