Your Emotional Empowerment App


Life is lived through emotions. 

As we go after our goals, emotion becomes the substance of our experiences. 

Understand what moves you to tears, anger, joy and many, many more.  

426 Emotions

  • Specially crafted definitions
  • Over 15 dictionaries and references, spanning 7 decades of copyright were researched and consulted
  • Art and colors designed to help convey and resonate each emotion



  • Discovery
  • Releasing an Emotion
  • Triggers
  • Examining Our Feelings
  • Working a Scene or Monologue
  • Strengthening Uncharted Emotions

My Thoughts

  • In app journaling feature
  • Automatically saves each entry
  • Alphabetically stored in the My Thoughts directory
  • Easily accessed in the Glossary, Shuffle, and Exercises

Now available for iPhones.

Developing a vocabulary of emotion

strengthens confidence and brings value

to relationships, work, and life.

Within the app are 426 uniquely articulated definitions allowing the reader to have a tangible understanding and a sensory grasp of each emotion. In addition, each definition is enhanced with an artistic interpretation to reinforce its emotional power and relevance.

 In the app, use the Glossary to search for the emotion you’re interested in exploring.

Have fun with the Shuffle to surprise yourself with viewing purely random emotions.

Work through the exercises to build on your emotional fluency, for self-discovery, for artistic development and to improve your experience of life.

Kimberly Jentzen

Life Emotions App Creator

Visit Kimberly’s YouTube channel for more videos on emotion, and the creative process.

“As a psychologist these cards have been a valuable aid in helping clients work through emotional challenges. I would suggest these to anyone who seeks success in business as well as personal relationships.” 

S. Stone


“This tool has not existed until now! For me, it is a work of art – brimming with life emotions at my fingertips! 

Excellent acting work application! I will use the emotions for character breakdown in screenplays. Therapists and clients, teachers, and anyone needing empowerment could all benefit. I would use the Glossary for meditation and emotional IQ and empowerment.”

S. Tarica

Writer & Project Manager

Exclusively available on iPhones.

Thank you for creating this app! These definitions have been instrumental for me as an actor. I’ve used them on set and will continue to use them in the development of every role.

M. Terry


When you purchase our app,

we give back!!!

A percentage of our proceeds go to causes that benefit emotional fluency.

We are deeply connected to self-expression through therapy and the arts.

Some of our charities will include groups working with people who have autism as well as artistic therapies for the healing of depression, anxiety, and fear.

We will be updating this page as our app grows!

– The Life Emotions Team

Life Emotions LLC

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