Private Coaching


Sessions focus on a variety of professional needs and include:

  • Camera work and Audition technique
  • Script and Character breakdown for roles in Film, TV or Theatre
  • Monologue or scene development for showcase or performance
  • Emotional Range development
  • Special issues or challenges that continue to haunt the actor
  • Essence work for specific challenges and personal goals
  • Singers performance technique

Recent student appearances in starring and guest-starring roles ...

Kimberly Jentzen is a California native with degrees from UCLA and USM. Her films have garnered festival awards including Best Director, Best Short, Audience Favorite, as well as a screenwriting finalist award. An acclaimed acting coach in L.A., Kimberly has won Back Stage Reader’s Choice Awards and is the author of Acting with Impact and Life Emotions app. Her YouTube channel has over 75 videos: