Script Analysis & Acting Technique





Begins April 28, 2022
12-2:30 pm PST
3-5:30 pm EST
8-10:30 GMT

Kimberly leads the process on mastering Script Analysis!
It is the actors’ job to see, understand, and execute the potential that lives in each scene, on each page, to bring the character to life. The choice of how you play the dynamics of the role is up to you.
The best way to understand how to analyze a script is to take this class. 
Script analysis is a vital part of the actor’s toolbox and needs to be learned. Without script analysis the actor often plays a role through a limited scope.
Kimberly’s “Script Analysis and Acting Technique Class” gives the actor an edge, and the understanding and fearlessness to execute compelling choices.  
Kimberly’s class essentially gives the professional an advantage for every audition and ultimately, to book the role. An added bonus to her class is that you will be mastering a new acting tool from Kimberly each week!
Incorporating the script analysis lessons allows each actor to harness and secure a solid technique.

Class structure:

Part 1: We will be breaking down an A-list Screenplay, a classic American play and a popular TV pilot together via the “Actor’s Script Analysis” and “Owning the Character” Master Tools from Kimberly Jentzen’s soon to be published 2nd addition of Acting with Impact.  Kimberly will be guiding each actor as they embark on owning one of the character’s from each project.
Part 2: Actors will exercise through improvisation or perform excerpts from scripts and/or sides analyzed in this class.
In this Special 10-week Script Analysis Course the actor learns how to make stronger choices that are sourced from the material.
Kimberly’s “Script Analysis Technique Class” will give you the essential insight to improve your acting skill exponentially.


Why is Script Analysis Important?

A script is meant to be interpreted by the director and actors who will be bringing it to life. And because it is meant to be realized it isn’t a finished product but a blueprint for the development of a piece of art that will entertain the audience. The execution of the dialogue, behavior and experience of the acting is not set and therefore there is much left for interpretation.

This class:

This Special 10-Week Script Analysis Course provides lessons for actors to develop the essential skill needed for breaking down scenes, scripts and making strong choices. Analyzing film and TV scripts, plays, poems and pitches, prove to stimulate an understanding with material that will strengthen a skill set that is essential for professional actors and artists. Actors gain understanding of characters, scripts, and how to build the tools that prep for a powerful performance.
Acting Technique: Kimberly sharpens the actor’s skillset by teaching new tools that build the actor’s toolbox. Participants will explore through improvisation as well as build on character development.

Here is what other students have said:

“Kimberly’s been a major supplemental addition to my growth as an artist. It’s as if she speaks a universal language which is capable of speaking to a dimension of who you are, outside of your own awareness. When ever I’m around Kimberly I walk away with with expanded depth. She’s an honest coach and a incandescent artist.”
Cody Laper
“Study with Kimberly Jentzen. You’ll get more than your money’s worth and it just might change your life. At the very least, you’ll come out as much better actor. I still work with her privately online, and always come away feeling like I’ve made progress and, more importantly, inspired that I can be even better. Buy her book, sign up for one of her intensives, take her classes. You won’t regret it.”
Jeff Newton
“Since I started training with Kimberly I’ve had incredible growth. Specifically, my confidence as an actor, and in my art. Every lesson brings forth a new part of myself that sometimes I didn’t know existed. Kimberly really knows how to connect with their students, and push them towards breakthroughs. Watching her teach is fascinating. Her studio is always both a positive, and nurturing environment for discoveries.”
Emily Gateley
“I highly recommend Kimberly’s online course. She gave me valuable information to help me achieve my acting goals. I really enjoyed the lessons on emotional content. It is truly a game changer to deepen your level of acting. She is truly an amazing person who is sincere about helping you develop and express your God given talent in an authentic way. If you take her course you won’t be disappointed. The investment is definitely worth it.”
John Bibby

To sign up

  • $495 for the Special 10-Week Script Analysis Course (early registration break) Sign up by April 23, 22
  • After April 23, 22 – $520
  • Ask us about the ongoing student discount
To receive the discount: Students must pay one week prior to the beginning of of the 10 Week Script Analysis Course.
There are no refunds for classes paid for and unattended. However, if for any reason you cannot attend, any payments made, can be transferred to other classes.

Additional information

Cost (Script Analysis)

Monthly $300, Early Payment $275, Current Students $150