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Kimberly Jentzen ignites the fire that will change your life!

SYNOPSIS: ACTING with IMPACT: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance is the accumulated wisdom of the most authentic text of our time for the working professional actor.

Kimberly Jentzen, creator of THE JENTZEN TECHNIQUE, taps into the essence, motivations and needs of authentic characters and cultivates an edge in actors to find their artistic fuel. Her fresh approach dynamically infuses actors with the confidence to access their imagination and act with authentic expression. Jentzen created these nine Power Tools to help actors own a process that is efficient and gets results on the job. Each Power Tool is a finely-tuned, streamlined acting technique designed to tap into the truth and deliver inspired performances.

Highlights of Jentzen’s innovations of technique in Acting with Impact include: Playing the Love, Root Question, and Fire in the Communication. She masterfully refines classic tools such as the Objective into state-of-the-art Power Tools for the contemporary actor. Her approach, developed over 20 years of coaching and directing actors, is next on the continuum of the great acting Masters from Strasberg to Chekhov; “a lasting bible of technique for generations to come.”

Also included are inspiring coaching sessions, Power Tool exercises, students sharing how they use The Jentzen Technique for success, and practical tips for everything from memorization to delivering strong cold readings. There is even an extensive glossary of emotions complete with one-sentence descriptions that can be quickly assimilated to strengthen the actor’s emotional choices and range.

Kimberly Jentzen’s intimate approach in the work led her to discover how we think and feel, and these discoveries are channeled into her innovative Power Tools to ignite the actor’s performance. “Finally, a teacher approaches depth from the imagination and stirs the actor to stimulate truth and the human condition within themselves.” This book is truly a revelation for the actor and should live in every actor’s script bag to be referenced daily!

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“Kimberly Jentzen is in love with the journey of acting. In her book ACTING WITH IMPACT she shares intimate experiences and powerful tools to start the fire or rekindle the flame, a book for every actor searching to find passion in the process.” – Kevin McCorkle, Actor – The Island, Bobby, The Shield

“As a film producer, I have to say that Kimberly Jentzen’s book Acting with Impact is a must read. In fact, it’s a mandatory read! She is indeed the perfect teacher. Kimberly has a rare wisdom and knowledge of the acting process… an innate ability to put you, the actor, in touch with the very heart and soul of the character. Absorb every brilliant Power Tool that she offers in this incredible book and enjoy the magnificent journey as she guides you to where your passion, your talent, and your love of acting will sore beyond your wildest imagination.” – Suzanne Lyons, Film Producer, Snowfall Films – Jericho Mansions, The Chaperone

“Kimberly has a wonderful quality of seeing deep inside an actor. As a producer on her film Reign, I was able to watch her directing talents first hand as she guided her actors to places they never expected to go.”
– Will Wallace, Producer/Actor – The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life

“Kimberly presents a comprehensive look at everything it takes to be an actor and persevere in this business. From the tools, exercises, and technique, to simple thoughts about life, this book is a find. Kimberly’s honesty braves us the fire and encouragement we need to succeed as an actor.” – Sheetal Sheth, Actor – Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, The World Unseen

“Kimberly Jentzen’s approach to the craft of acting has absolutely empowered me with confidence and flexibility not only in my acting work, but in every aspect of my life. Kimberly’s Power Tools have enabled me to evolve as an actor, and the beauty is that I keep on evolving and improving my craft as I carry her approach with me.” – Daniela Torchia, Actor – 365 Days, Reign, Behind the Red Motel Door

“Kimberly’s philosophies on acting and her unique approach to the teaching process, have not only influenced my own teaching style, but have helped me to define the ways in which I direct actors on film. From guiding the actor through character development and performance, to building a partnership that will not only enrich the overall film, but define the vision of both actor and director. What Kimberly brings to the table is not only invaluable; it’s ingenious. In short, she knows her stuff.” – Stephen Savage, Director/Screenwriter – Cosmic Radio, Legacy

“Having Kimberly Jentzen’s ‘Power Tools’ at your fingertips will sustain an actor through every audition, regardless of how much time they have had with the material.” – Holly Powell, Emmy Award Winning Casting Director, Holly Powell Studios

“Kimberly’s tools and techniques will give your work the depth, nuance, and specificity to walk into the casting office and book the job.” – Heather Howe, Actor – A Darker Reality, Elena Undone

“Kimberly provides actors with personally handcrafted Power Tools designed to mold the character and sculpt the scene. I worked with Kimberly before shooting the film “Call of the Wild” and she really helped me discover my character.” – Devon Graye, Actor – Alphas, Dexter, Legendary, Call of the Wild

“Acting with Impact is a must read for actors in all stages of their careers. Kimberly has written a book that will help the actor give a grounded, real, emotionally charged performance.” – Helen Anzalone, Acting Teacher – Helen Anzalone Studios

“This is an intelligent insight not only into acting technique, but into human nature as well. If you want to grow, this is the book for you.” – Peggy Lane, TV Writer/Dialogue Coach/Actor – The Middle, Will & Grace, Seinfeld

“I love this book. Kimberly introduces a truly fresh breathe of air for interpreting the script and character. She let’s me soar with my imagination while keeping me grounded. Ever since I’ve used her Power Tools described in the book, I’ve shifted my acting to a higher level.” – Brayden Pierce, Actor – Neowolf, Melrose Place

“Kimberly Jentzen is inspiring and compassionate in her approach to teaching. This book comes at just the right time for any student who is looking for an insightful and concise manner to the work. This is not your average acting technique book; it is one that asks the student to delve deep and helps to bring out the best of the actor within.” – Joy Tanner, Actor – (series regular) Degrassi: The Next Generation

“Kimberly Jentzen’s book is a must read for the actor who is serious and dedicated to their craft. Kimberly is a master teacher who is passionate about actors, their training and careers. I am recommending Acting with Impact to my actor friends and students.” – Carolyne Barry, Commercial Audition Teacher/ Casting Director /Writer / Producer

“Every actor needs to read this book… Today! Kimberly has done what few do – create something completely original. She has taken powerful fundamentals of acting technique and infused them with the insight of modern psychology and the heart of spiritual awareness and human truth. Of equally great value are the wealth of practical exercises and immediately useful Power Tools. I will recommend Acting with Impact to all my students!” – Steven Memel, Vocal Coach

“If you had to pick just one book on acting, Acting with Impact is it. Destined to become the ‘bible’ of the industry!” – Judy Carter, Author of The Comedy Bible

“Kimberly Jentzen’s book is a must read for all actors! There has never been a more comprehensive breakdown of what it takes to be the best actor.” – Brantley Dunaway, Producer/Actor – Love in the Time of Cholera, Criminal Minds


Kimberly Jentzen


Kimberly Jentzen has been coaching actors to book memorable roles for over 20 years in Los Angeles. Her newly released book, Acting with Impact: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance shows actors how to find depth in every role.

Jentzen recently completed directing her film REIGN, with Academy Award® nominated Cinematographer, Jack N. Green (UNFORGIVEN, BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, GIRL INTERRUPTED) and Academy Award® winning Sound Designer, David MacMillan (TWILIGHT, KNOCKED UP, SPEED). She garnered a Finalist Award from The New York Festivals and Honorable Mention from the Film Council of Greater Columbus for OF EARTH & SKY, which she co-wrote, directed and produced and a Finalist Screenwriting Award from Outfest Los Angeles for her Civil War screenplay, THE GEORGIA BOY.

On stage, Jentzen directed INTERNMENT, in the spring of 2011, a “tour de force comedy” starring Joe Mahon at the Elephant Theater. Other theater directing credits include: BRUNCH WITH GOD at the Powerhouse Theatre; Women in Film’s POST OSCAR SHOWCASE at the Pacific Design Center; and the hilarious comedy, PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS, a 2006 Finalist in the One Act Play Festival at the Secret Rose Theatre. Jentzen has also developed and coached critically acclaimed one-person shows; the highlight of which was working with Yolanda King in ACHIEVING THE DREAM; an homage to her father, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Jentzen is a sought-after acting teacher and member of Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory Committee, where she conceived and produced the special event FOR THE LOVE OF THE ART, and is an active member of Alliance of Women Directors. She is also the winner of Back Stage West’s Readers Choice Awards “Favorite Acting Coach” (2008-2010), “Favorite Acting Coach/Teacher” (2007), “Best of Acting Coaches” (2006), and currently teaches ongoing acting classes at her studio in Los Angeles, California.


Kimberly Jentzen earned a B.A. from UCLA in Theater Arts and an M.A. from the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology. Extensive acting training includes American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, American Center for Musical Theatre at the Los Angeles Music Center, and studies in Chekhov, Adler, Strasberg and Meisner. Visit:

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