Gratitude is sexy!

There is something special about this emotional quantity. It creates a positive energy field in our consciousness that is infinite.

Gratitude puts you in a creative relaxed state of mind and body. It can easily slide you into the magical realm of opportunities in any desired field. Gratitude is not limited, nor is it stingy, it’s generous and deep. Gratitude is filled with thankfulness and appreciation.

Gratitude allows us to breathe.

However, sometimes we forget… sometimes we want so much from life we forget to notice how much we already have. There is goodness that surrounds us everyday and it is vital that we take notice.

The beauty of appreciating the little things in life,
feed the bigger things in life.

Gratitude can accomplish greatness because it keeps things in perspective. It’s about having a healthy and positive attitude. A good attitude of gratitude becomes a seeding ground for great things to happen.

Do you want more fun in life?

Gratitude will give it to you. Of course you must know that gratitude is genuine. You want to avoid using it to manipulate another to get something. Gratitude is a life choice that makes the journey an adventure. It’s not something you plug into and then expect the world to bend to your command. On the contrary, gratitude is an attitude that matters all the time. And it matters most when adopting it is the most difficult.

What do you have to be grateful for?

You have life. You have the sun and the rain and the world… and what you do with it is your desire. You can blame others for any condition or you can be grateful that you are living in the human condition.

So what’s sexy about gratitude?

Gratitude gives you a genuine confidence that is sexy. Gratitude allows you to be filled up with the goodness of life and the willingness to share your appreciation without an agenda. How you feel matters. And feeling open, appreciative and confident has magical properties that emit sexual appeal. I’ve witnessed this in the most charismatic actors – it’s undeniably attracive. Their common denominator is gratitude.

Gratitude and positivity work together.

We can never underestimate being grateful for who we are, grateful for our friends and chance encounters… grateful for who is in our lives and the richness that life brings.

As artists in order to endure, to keep going, to overcome our challenges and hardships, we must practice our gratitude daily; that we are graced with the opportunity to continue our growth, our aim for excellence, our passion for the art and our desire to make a difference.

I’ll start… THANK YOU!

I’m grateful for each and everyone of you for being part of my world. Thank you for opening this email and opening your mind. And thank you for your gratitude in yourlife, thank you for attempting gratitude whenever possible.

Let us start each day with gratitude as our private and steady promise for the world.