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Acting With Impact

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Recent Student Bookings – Congratulations!

Stephanie Charles - "The Paynes"
Matthew Alan - "13 Reason's Why"
Aubrey Peeples - "Heartthrob"
Devon Graye - "Popper Baxton's Sickly Stew"
Karli Hall - "The Hollow Point"
Kimberly Stanphill - "Death Camp"
Mads Black - "Counterpart"
Aubrey Peeples - "Locating Silver Lake"
Blake Burt - "The Reliant"
Robert Livingston - "The Curse of the Gorgon"
Aubrey Peeples - "Cowboy Drifter"
Karli Hall - "They're Inside"
Brienne La Flair - "Masters of Sex"
Aziza Scott: "Murder in the First"
Erich Riegelmann - "Criminal Minds"
Sophie Sakson - "Stupid Kid"
Aubrey Peeples - "Recovery Road"
Matthew Alan - "Trust Fund"
Rachel Breitag - "The Sex Trip"
Kiana Madani - "Night Walk"

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